Injectable Treatments in Hull

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Lip Enhancement

All Lip Enhancement Fillers Work By Using A Hyaluronic Gel To Re-Hydrate, Smooth And Plump The Lips By Way Of Injection.

Established With Lidocaine It Can Significantly Decrease Pain During And After Filler Placement To Optimise Client Satisfaction.

0.55ml Classic Lips: £130
0.55ml Russian Lips £130
0.55ml PURE Signature Lips: £150

1.1ml Classic Lips: £190
1.1ml Russian Lips: £190
1.1ml PURE Signature Lips: £210
All filler brands available on request

Facial Contouring

Dermal Filler Has The Ability To Add Volume To Soft Tissue To Sculpt And Contour The Face. Dermal fillers Can Also Iron Out Wrinkles In Different Parts Of Your Face: Cheeks, Mouth Chin, Jawline And Nose making you appear more youthful. Correctly Placed Can also Help Elongate And Slim The Face.

Cheek Fillers £190
Chin Fillers £190
Jawline Filler 1.1ml £210 / 2.2ml £300
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction) £299
Perioral Line Filler £180
Marrionnette Line Filler £180
Nasolabial Fold Filler £190
2.2ml cheek filler for £280
HA Filler Dissolving £170

Lip Filler Correction
Dissolve & refill 1.1ml classic lips £319
Dissolve & refill 1.1ml Russian lips £319                                              Dissolve & refill 1.1ml PURE Signature lips £339

Lidocaine Infusion £10
The Liquid Face-lift (10ml HA filler) £949
Facial filler package
Oo ah just a little bit – 3.3ml £365
Oo ah a little bit more – 4.4ml £465
You know what im looking for – 5.5ml £565

HA Filler Dissolving

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that acts as a dispersion agent, breaking down hyaluronic acid through hydrolysis. It’s a naturally-occurring enzyme that is purified to dissolve dermal fillers from the face & lips.


Lip Filler Correction

Long-term or over-use of HA dermal fillers or misplaced product can end up congesting the lips and misshaping them. Old dermal filler which has not dissolved or dissipated, due to this over-filling can harden, and this is when problems can occur, such as filler ‘spread’ (the migration of dermal filler into unwanted areas of the lips). With a specific Enzyme we are able to completely Dissolve the old filler and replace correctly with a new HA filler.
Dissolve & refill 1.1ml classic lips £319
Dissolve & refill 1.1ml Russian lips £319                                              Dissolve & refill 1.1ml PURE Signature lips £339

Lidocaine Infusion

Lidocain (Dental blocks) is commonly used during aesthetic lip treatments to help alleviate the pain caused during treatment.
Lidocaine is commonly found in hyaluronic acid, its only in small quantities and is injected pre mixed with filler so is often not as effective as some may require.
A dental block is quick, safe and effective. Causing little down time and an effective way of blocking most if not all pain during the lip augmentation treatment.


The Liquid Face-lift  (10ml HA filler)

A liquid facelift offers the possibility to gently lift the entire face without needing surgery. This procedure restores the natural and curved contours of the face in a subtle and natural way using Hyaluronic acid fillers. In addition, it can also be used to lift certain facial features depending on the aesthetic harmony of the client’s face. A Bespoke filler package designed for your sepcific facial structure.

Fine lines and wrinkle treatment

An injectable Treatment to help diminish and remove wrinkles and fine lines

1 area   £150
2 areas  £180
3 areas  £200

1 area   £200
2 areas  £280
3 areas  £350

Frozen look for Female
2 areas £250
3 areas £300

Muscle Relaxant

A Muscle injection treatment to help soften the action of several muscles in the face and body. Used for a number of things including to reduce excessive perspiration.

Cobbled Chin £150
Lip Flip £150
Gummy Smile £150
Bunny Lines £150
Smokers Lines £150
Neck Bands £250
Hyperhydrosis £400
Jawline Slimming £249
Teeth Grinding £299
Calf Reduction £400
Brow Lift £150
Downward smile reversal £150

Profhilo Skin Boosting Injections

Unique Profhilo injections use high concentrations of natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which enable its powerful hydrating properties to stimulate tissue, encouraging long-lasting neocollagenesis. Providing long-lasting improvements to both the health and visual appearance of your skin, Profhilo rejuvenates and nourishes dermal cells for ever lasting glow.

Single Session £210
Course Of 2 £370

Dr CYJ Hair Filler

Hair filler is an injectable that is produced from a patented combination of hyaluronic acid, which helps to increase moisture, and 7 peptides (Decapeptide18 & Decapeptide 28, Decapeptide 10, Decapeptide 19 & Oligopeptide 71, Oligopeptide 54 , Octapeptide 2), that form the building blocks of essential proteins. This can grant a new lease of life to scalp follicles and reinvigorate your locks, propelling regrowth.

The peptide hyaluronic acid in this treatment can reverse hair loss in many instances, and works wonders in driving forward the growing process. The hyaluronic acid and patented peptides blend helps to strengthen the follicles, leading to gloriously healthy and thick tresses.


1 session per 2 weeks for a 8 weeks

4 sessions in total required – £849

Vitamin Injections

Unlike Vitamin tablets, Vitamin injections allow your body to utilize 100% of the nutrients since they are administered directly into your bloodstream.

B12 injection (single) – £30
B12 Injection (course of 4) – £100
Vitamin C injection (single) – £30
Vitamin D injection (single) – £60
Biotin Injection (Single) – £30
Biotin Injection (course of 24) – £499
Hay fever Injections – From £99
B5 Vitamin Shot £30                                                                       Glutathione Injection (Single) – £60

IV Vitamin Infusion

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy (IV) delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body to allow for 100% bioavailability. IV vitamin drips allow the nutrients to nourish the body at the cellular level and support the function of many biological systems.⁣⁠⁣⁠ With IV vitamin infusions, we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally.

Detox – £120
Anti-aging £120
Skinny – £120
Cognitive Function – £120
Sports Performance – £120
Bespoke Vitamin Cocktail mix – £130

Sunekos Skin Boosting

Sunekos Is A New Injectable Treatment Containing A Patented Formula Of Amino Acids And Hyaluronic Acid.
It Regenerates The Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) By Stimulating The Fibroblasts In The Skin To Produce A Complete Mix Of Collagen And Elastin.

Single Session £150
Course Of 4 £475

RevitalEYEz Skin Boosting Injections

RevitalEYEz is the perfect treatment for peri-ocular revitalisation.
Combat dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and hollowness around the eyes with this ground breaking treatment.
RevitalEYEz utilises naturally derived polynucleotide chains of high density and low molecular weight to achieve  deeper tissue penetration; promoting cell growth and triggering fibroblast formation.
Activating the skin’s natural regeneration process in this way can deliver unparalleled results; repairing years of damage and restoring your eyes to their former glory.

Single Session £199
Course Of 3 £499

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections Have Been Around For Many Years But The Latest Product We Use Contains A Third Generation Sodium Deoxycholate Solution Which Is Far More Safe And Effective Than Previous Solutions.

Small area:
Single £150
Course Of 3 £399

Large area:
Single £200
Course Of 4 £650

8 Point Facelift

The 8-point face lift uses advanced dermal fillers not to restore volume but to lift the tissues and structure of the face to produce a more youthful profile. Sophisticated techniques require working across 8 injecting points on each side of the face. These are precise injecting sites which help to form the overall facial structure:



Our meshfill treatment has 16-fold lattice-shaped soft thread that is able to be filled with HA fillers for maximum effect.
Applying the filler within the PDO Thread allows the filler to stay completely where it is placed without the chance of migration.

Not only are we able to contour and shape with our meshfill treatment, but due to the bodys natural response to the thread we are all able to promote neocollegenis. A process in which your body will release proteins to help repair the skin.

Meshfill Thread Only

Per Thread £75
5 Threads £350
10 Threads £650

Meshfill Thread + HA Dermal Filler

2 Threads + 1ml £249
4 Threads + 2ml £449
6 Threads + 3ml £649
10 Threads + 5ml £1049

Booking Fee
Booking Fee will be deducted from the treatment price if the customer is
deemed suitable for treatment.
Booking Fees are non refundable.

We cannot offer refunds regarding our treatments.

Cancellations & Re-arrangement
We require at least 48 hours notice to re-arrange appointments. Failure
to do so may result in clients losing their treatment. This applies to all
treatments including course sessions.

Due to the nature of Non-Invasive treatments associated with our company, we can not always guarantee results.

If you have any other questions then please feel free to contact us.