I-PRF (Hair Restoration) Course

I-PRF (Hair Restoration) Course

Level : Beginner
Price : £799
Duration of Course : 6 hours
CPD Hours : 6 hours
Theory Hours : 8 hours
Lunch / Refreshments included*

Our I-PRF hair restoration course is designed for non-medics/medical professionals delegates. Students must hold a phlebotomy qualification to progress onto this course.

Benefits of I-PRP hair restoration
Pluryal Mesoline HAIR
Designed for the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia (Hormonal) – commonly known as pattern baldness
Effective for both men and women
Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX
Designed for the treatment of Telogen Effluvium (non-hormonal)
What is injectable platelet-rich fibrin
Difference between I-PRF & PRP
Anatomy & physiology (skin/hair)
Equipment & methods
The lymph system
Skin disorders & diseases
Blood types
Client assessment & skin analysis
Health & Safety

During this course you will learn how to effectively extract blood through venous access (Phlebotomy), and then how to effectively separate the blood cells from the platelets using a medical centrifuge. You will then learn how to administer harvested platelets back into the skin using Dermaroller and Nappage Mesotherapy techniques creating stem cell rejuvenation in hair follicles to promote hair growth on the face & body.

We provide live models for all of our training courses, but students are more than welcome to put forward their own models as case studies.

Working closely alongside our insurance company we are able to assist you in gaining insurance for all courses offered here at Pure Skin Clinic & Training Academy.

The price for the I-PRF course is £799. A 50% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your place, we will then send you the full pre-study manual. If you would like to attend more workshops to update or refresh your skills this can be arranged at a highly discounted price.

For course dates contact Pure Skin Clinic on 01482 647685 or Email pureskinclinic@yahoo.com

On completion of your course you will achieve a fully CPD accredited certificate on Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration.

*Lunch – if you have any dietary requirements/restrictions please contact us prior to your course.

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