PURE Dermaroller + HA Serum

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Derma-rolling involves the use of micro-needles which makes microscopic incisions in the skin as “trauma” which then causes the skin to go into “repair mode” by stimulating collagen production.

Following the treatment, the skin’s absorption is amplified, ready for our low molecule HA serum to then take action!

Derma rolling is beneficial for a range of skin types, including scarred, dehydrated and hyperpigmented. Regular derma rolling has been found to fade acne scars in particular, as these are often quite rooted in the skin’s layers, which the micro-needles are able to reach.

HA serum; This product’s formulation combines 2% (20mg/ml) vegan low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, together with other efficient moisturizers at a combined concentration of 10% (100 mg/ml) for maximum hydration. Helps to restore skin’s natural elasticity and resilience while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles